Agustín González, an inspirational leader in spanish comparative neuroanatomy

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It is our pleasure to open this Festschrift dedicated to our mentor Prof. Agustín González (Fig. 1) on his retirement after more than 40 years of academic work at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Agustín is a key figure in the field of comparative neuroanatomy, essential to understanding the evolution of this field in Spain and beyond over the last decades. This special issue collects a rich number of contributions by collaborators, pupils, and colleagues from all over the world, reflecting the impact of their achievements and the respect and admiration of the entire international community. The volume also serves as a homage to Prof. Luis Puelles, an occasional collaborator of Agustín and another giant of Spanish neuroscience. In this commentary, we summarize Agustín’s work as a researcher, teacher, mentor, and member of the scientific community. We also consider the broader impact of Agustín’s activity, primarily when it comes to its ability to influence others. As alumni from his laboratory, we do this from a very personal point of view, reflecting on our imperfect memories of the time we spent together. We wish that this imperfect historical glimpse on Agustín’s professional career will bring a smile to the face of the many colleagues who have worked with Agustín over the past few decades and inspire those who have not personally known him.