Advanced concepts in waveguide spectrometers

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Cheben, Pavel
Schmid, Jens H.
Bogdanov, Alexei L.
Delâge, André
Densmore, Adam
Janz, Siegfried
Lamontagne, Boris
Lapointe, Jean
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We present several new concepts to extend the capabilities of arrayed waveguide grating spectrometers. Strong lateral mode confinement wavegaide structure in the focal plane is used to increase resolution, a Michelson-type AWG spectrometer can improve optical throughput or etendue, and we show that AWG dispersion can be magnified many times by modifying the waveguide group index.
©2006 British Crown. International Conference on Group IV Photonics (3ª. 2006. Ottawa, Canadá). Part of this work has been supported by the NRC Genome and Health Initiative.
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