Effectiveness of Custom Foot Insoles to Decrease Plantar Pressure: A Cross-over Randomized Trial Study

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Background: Harderness insoles decrease plantar pressure and reduce the foot injury incidence in sport. The purpose of our study was to analyze the plantar pressure variation in moto riders after riding in a real speed circuit with a custom foot 520 Shore EVA insole. Methods: A crossover randomized trial study was performed (consent no. #050520165316). Riders were assessed by an expert motorsport senior podiatry. The participants’ mean age was 35 ± 3.29. Participants completed a 20 min training riding with their own motorcycle in a real speed circuit. Plantar pressures were registered with a baropodometric platform evaluating an Ethyl Vinyl Acetate custom foot insole (CFI) manufactured with 3 mm thickness and 52° Shore A hardness. The Plantar pressures were registered before riding, after riding without EVA insole, and after riding with EVA insole. Results: Total Plantar pressures in right and left foot, and total surface area decrease after riding with EVA insoles. Conclusion: The use of an EVA insole with 520 shore A hardness riding on a motorcycle in speed circuit decreased the total plantar pressures and surface areas values.
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