Sucrose-Responsive Intercommunicated Janus Nanoparticles Network

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Inspired by biological systems, the development of artificial nanoscale materials that communicate over a short distance is still at its early stages. This work shows a new example of a cooperating system with intercommunicated devices at the nanoscale. The system is based on the new sucrose-responsive Janus gold-mesoporous silica (Janus Au-MS) nanoparticles network with two enzyme-powered nanodevices. These nanodevices involve two enzymatic processes based on invertase and glucose oxidase, which are anchored on the Au surfaces of different Janus Au-MS nanoparticles, and N-acetyl-L-cysteine and [Ru(bpy)3]2+ loaded as chemical messengers, respectively. Sucrose acts as the INPUT, triggering the sequential delivery of two different cargoes through the enzymatic control. Nanoscale communication using abiotic nanodevices is a developing potential research field and may prompt several applications in different disciplines, such as nanomedicine.