A high-resolution spectroscopic survey of late-type stars: chromospheric activity, rotation, kinematics, and age

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López Santiago, Javier
Gálvez Ortiz, M. C.
Crespo Chacón, I.
Martínez Arnáiz, R. M.
Castro Rubio, Elisa de
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Aims. We present a compilation of spectroscopic data from a survey of 144 chromospherically active young stars in the solar neighborhood, which may be used to investigate different aspects of its formation and evolution in terms of kinematics and stellar formation history. The data have already been used by us in several studies. With this paper, we make all these data accessible to the scientific community for future studies on different topics. Methods. We performed spectroscopic observations with echelle spectrographs to cover the entirety of the optical spectral range simultaneously. Standard data reduction was performed with the IRAF echelle package. We applied the spectral subtraction technique to reveal chromospheric emission in the stars of the sample. The equivalent width of chromospheric emission lines was measured in the subtracted spectra and then converted to fluxes using equivalent width-flux relationships. Radial and rotational velocities were determined by the cross-correlation technique. Kinematics, equivalent widths of the lithium line lambda 6707.8 angstrom and spectral types were also determined. Results. A catalog of spectroscopic data is compiled: radial and rotational velocities, space motion, equivalent widths of optical chromospheric activity indicators from Ca II H & K to the calcium infrared triplet and the lithium line in lambda 6708 angstrom. Fluxes in the chromospheric emission lines and R(HK)' are also determined for each observation of a star in the sample. We used these data to investigate the emission levels of our stars. The study of the Ha emission line revealed two different populations of chromospheric emitters in the sample, clearly separated in the log F(H alpha)/F(bol) - (V - J) diagram. The dichotomy may be associated with the age of the stars.
© ESO 2010. Part of this work was co-supported by the Spanish MICINN, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación project numbers: AYA2008- 00695 and AYA2008-06423-C03-03. J. López Santiago is a postdoctoral fellow of the ASTROCAM (Red de Astrofísica en la CAM) with project number S-0505/ESP/000237 of the IV PRICIT Plan Regional de Investigación Científica e Innovación Tecnológica de la Comunidad de Madrid. The authors would like to thank the referee for useful comments and suggestions that allowed us to improve our work.
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