Optical technique for the automatic detection and measurement of surface defects on thin metallic wires

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In industrial applications of thin metallic wires it is important to characterize the surface defects of the wires. We present an optical technique for the automatic detection of surface defects on thin metallic wires (diameters, 50–2000 µm) that can be used in on-line systems for surface quality control. This technique is based on the intensity variations on the scattered cone generated when the wire is illuminated with a beam at oblique incidence. Our results are compared with those obtained by atomic-force microscopy and scanning-electron microscopy.
© Optical Society of America. The authors are grateful to A. González-Cano for his suggestions and discussions in the development of this research. The authors also express their gratitude to the European Union (EU) for the financial support of this research within the framework of EU research program SMT4, Standards Measurement and Testing; project SMT4-CT97-2184, DEFCYL: Detection of Defects in Cylindrical Surfaces, and Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología of Spain project TAP-98-1358-CE.
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