Changes in Optical Quality Induced by Tilt and Decentration of a Trifocal IOL and a Novel Extended Depth of Focus IOL in Eyes with Corneal Myopic Ablations

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Rementería Capelo, Laureano A
Gracia Pacheco, Pablo de
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PURPOSE: To assess the effect of decentration and tilt combined with prior myopic ablations on the optical performance of a trifocal intraocular lens (IOL) and a novel IOL with an extended depth of focus (EDOF) design. METHODS: The XACT Mono-EDOF ME4 (Santen Pharmaceutical Co Ltd) and the trifocal FineVision (PhysIOL) IOLs were analyzed with and without simulated previous myopic ablations. The optical quality of the IOLs was evaluated with the PMTF optical bench (LAMBDA-X). The through-focus modulation transfer function (MTF) curves were recorded. Measurements were done for three situations: centered, 0.4 mm decentered, and 4 degrees tilted. RESULTS: The trifocal IOL showed three peaks of vision and the EDOF IOL showed a far distance peak with intermediate addition. When decentration or tilt were induced, the trifocal IOL showed negligible changes but the EDOF IOL showed a -0.50 diopters (D) shift of the overall curve. With simulated myopic ablation, the trifocal IOL showed a -0.50 D shift of the curve. When tilt or decentration were also induced, the better optical results were found at -1.00 D. With myopic ablations, the EDOF IOL showed a -0.50 D shift of the optical quality and when decentration or tilt were then induced, negative shifts over -1.00 D were found. CONCLUSIONS: The trifocal IOL was less affected by misalignments. When myopic ablations were induced, both lenses decreased their optical quality and the effects of misalignments were higher. In patients who have undergone corneal myopic ablation procedures, proper alignment of the implanted IOL and obtaining effective emmetropia becomes even more critical.
Submitted: February 19, 2021 / Accepted: April 30, 2021 / Published Online: August 01, 2021.
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