The age-mass relation for chromospherically active binaries - III. Lithium depletion in giant components

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Barrado y Navascués, D.
Castro Rubio, Elisa de
García López, R. J.
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We present a study of the lithium abundances of a sample of evolved components of Chromospherically Active Binary Systems. We show that a significant part of them have lithium excesses, independently of their mass and evolutionary stage. Therefore, it can be concluded that Li abundance does not depend on age for giant components of CABS. These overabundances appear to be closely related to the stellar rotation, and we interpret them as a consequence of the transfer of angular momentum from the orbit to the rotation as the stars evolve: in and off the Main Sequence, in a similar way as it happens in the dwarf components of the same systems and in the Tidally Locked Binaries belonging to the Hyades and M67.
© 1998 EDP Sciencies. This research has made use of the Simbad database, operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France. We greatly appreciate the comments and suggestions on this paper by the referee, Dr. Sofia Randich, which helped to improve the presentation and discussion of the results. DBN acknowledges the support by the Universidad Complutense, the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University, and the MEC/Fulbright commission. This work has been partially supported by the Spanish Dirección General de Educación Superior (DGES) under projects PB92-0434-C02-01, PB94-0203, and PB95-1132-C02-01.
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