Pearson equations for discrete orthogonal polynomials: I. generalized hypergeometric functions and Toda equations

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The Cholesky factorization of the moment matrix is applied to discrete orthogonal polynomials on the homogeneous lattice. In particular, semiclassical discrete orthogonal polynomials, which are built in terms of a discrete Pearson equation, are studied. The Laguerre-Freud structure semiinfinite matrix that models the shifts by +/- 1 in the independent variable of the set of orthogonal polynomials is introduced. In the semiclassical case it is proven that this Laguerre-Freud matrix is banded. From the well-known fact that moments of the semiclassical weights are logarithmic derivatives of generalized hypergeometric functions, it is shown how the contiguous relations for these hypergeometric functions translate as symmetries for the corresponding moment matrix. It is found that the 3D Nijhoff-Capel discrete Toda lattice describes the corresponding contiguous shifts for the squared norms of the orthogonal polynomials. The continuous 1D Toda equation for these semiclassical discrete orthogonal polynomials is discussed and the compatibility equations are derived. It is also shown that the Kadomtesev-Petviashvilii equation is connected to an adequate deformed semiclassical discrete weight, but in this case, the deformation does not satisfy a Pearson equation.
CRUE-CSIC (Acuerdos Transformativos 2021) © 2021 The Authors. This work has its seed in several inspiring conversations with Diego Dominici during a research stay of MM at Johannes Kepler University at Linz. We are also grateful to the anonymous referees whose observations have improved the paper. We thank financial support from the Spanish “Agencia Estatal de Investigación” research project [PGC2018-096504-B-C33], Ortogonalidad y Aproximación: Teoría y Aplicaciones en Física Matemática.
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