Magnetic anomalies of the NW Iberian continental margin and the adjacent abyssal plains

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The NW Iberian margin is a hyperextended continental margin, formed during the opening of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a subsequent partial tectonic inversion has undergone during the Alpine Orogeny. This succession of tectonic episodes determines the magnetic signature of the margin. The Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone Project has carried out seven one-month cruises between 2001 and 2009. To extend and densify the spatial coverage, we have used data from the World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map. Here, we describe the methodology used for the acquisition and data processing of the magnetic field data. The use of diverse instrumentation, a non-complete external field’s cancelation, and the use of different magnetic core field models, contributed to the total error budget. To reduce it, we have used a leveling algorithm which minimizes all these contributions. Finally, a statistical analysis was applied using crossover residuals, showing a resolution better than 28 nT.