Let-7a-5p, miR-100-5p, miR-101-3p, and miR-199a-3p Hyperexpression as Potential Predictive Biomarkers in Early Breast Cancer Patients

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Background: The aim of this study is to identify miRNAs able to predict the outcomes in breast cancer patients after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). Patients and methods: We retrospectively analyzed 24 patients receiving NAC and not reaching pathologic complete response (pCR). miRNAs were analyzed using an Illumina Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) system. Results: Event-free survival (EFS) and overall survival (OS) were significantly higher in patients with up-regulation of let-7a-5p (EFS p = 0.006; OS p = 0.0001), mirR-100-5p (EFS s p = 0.01; OS p = 0.03), miR-101-3p (EFS p = 0.05; OS p = 0.01), and miR-199a-3p (EFS p = 0.02; OS p = 0.01) in post-NAC samples, independently from breast cancer subtypes. At multivariate analysis, only let-7a-5p was significantly associated with EFS (p = 0.009) and OS (p = 0.0008). Conclusion: Up-regulation of the above miRNAs could represent biomarkers in breast cancer.
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