Towards the effective potential of the littlest Higgs model

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Tabares Cheluci, Lourdes
Peñaranda, Siannah
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We compute the relevant parameters of the combined Higgs and phi scalar effective potential in the littlest Higgs (LH) model. These parameters are obtained as the sum of two kinds of contributions. The first one is the one-loop radiative corrections coming from fermions and gauge bosons. The second one is obtained at tree level from the higher-order effective operators needed for the ultraviolet completion of the model. Finally, we analyze the restrictions that the requirement of reproducing the standard electroweak symmetry breaking of the SM set on the LH model parameters.
© Springer. This work is supported by DGICYT (Spain) under project number BPA2005-02327 and by the Universidad Complutense/CAM project: number 910309. The work of S.P. has been supported by aRamón y Cajal contract from MEC (Spain) and partially by CICYT (grant FPA2006-2315) and DGIID-DGA (grant 2008-E24/2). The work of L.T.-C. is supported by a FPU grant from the Spanish M.E.C. We would like to thank J.R.Espinosa and J.No Redondo for useful discussions.
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