Raman-scattering criteria for characterization of anneal-restored zinc blende single crystals: Application to Si+-implanted InP

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Martín, J.M.
Artús, L.
Cuscó, R.
Ibañez, J.
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American Institute of Physics
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We have studied the lattice recovery by rapid thermal annealing of Si+-implanted InP using Raman spectroscopy. The crystallinity recovery for different annealing temperatures of samples totally amorphized by the implantation can be monitored by means of their Raman spectra. However, free-charge coupling with the LO mode and possible misorientation of the recrystallized material may alter substantially the first-order Raman spectrum, making it unreliable for a good characterization of the lattice recovery. The study of second-order Raman spectrum overcomes the problems present in the analysis of first-order Raman spectrum and provides suitable criteria to assess the recrystallization of the implanted and annealed samples. After rapid thermal annealing at 875 degrees C for 10 s, the intensity of the second-order peaks approaches 70% of its value in virgin InP, and third-order Raman peaks are also clearly detected, evidencing the good lattice recovery achieved.
© American Institute of Physics. The authors gratefully acknowledge the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia for financial support.
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