SEU Characterization of Three Successive Generations of COTS SRAMs at Ultralow Bias Voltage to 14.2 MeV Neutrons

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This paper presents a SEU sensitivity characterization at ultra-low bias voltage of three generations of COTS SRAMs manufactured in 130 nm, 90 nm and 65 nm CMOS processes. For this purpose, radiation tests with 14.2 MeV neutrons were performed for SRAM power supplies ranging from 0.5 V to 3.15 V. The experimental results yielded clear evidences of the SEU sensitivity increase at very low bias voltages. These results have been cross-checked with predictions issued from the modeling tool MUlti-SCAles Single Event Phenomena Predictive Platform (MUSCA-SEP3). Large-scale SELs and SEFIs, observed in the 90-nm and 130-nm SRAMs respectively, are also presented and discussed.
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