Optical spectroscopic study of the SiN/HfO2 interfacial formation during rf sputtering of HfO2

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Mártil de la Plaza, Ignacio
Prado Millán, Álvaro del
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Amer Inst Physics
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High-k stacks formed by chemical-vapor-deposited SiN and high-pressure sputtered HfO2 in either O-2 or Ar atmosphere have been studied. The introduction of a SiN layer is proposed to prevent the uncontrollable SiO2 growth while sputtering. The formation of Si-O bonds after the sputtering of the HfO2 film in O-2 atmosphere was observed by infrared spectroscopy. Optical diagnosis of the plasma demonstrated a high density of O radicals in the system when working with O-2. The small radius and high reactivity of these O radicals are the source of the SiN oxidation. However, the structure of the SiN film is preserved during Ar sputtering.
© 2007 American Institute of Physics. This work was partially supported by the Spanish M.E.C. under TEC2004 1237/MIC and TEC2007/63318 contracts.
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