Thermal stability study of AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMTs using Gd2O3 as gate dielectric

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Thermal stability of AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMTs and -diodes using Gd_(2)O_(3) are investigated by means of different thermal cycles and storage tests up to 500ºC for one week. IV DC and pulsed characteristics of the devices before and after the processes are evaluated and compared with conventional HEMTs. Results show that the devices with Gd_(2)O_(3) dielectric layer have lower leakage current and a more stable behavior during thermal treatment processes compared with conventional devices. In fact, an excellent on/off ratio of about 108 and a stable V_(t) is observed after storage at high temperature. The beneficial effects of Gd_(2)O_(3) on trapping effects of MOS-HEMTs are also dis-cussed.
© Copyright 2016 IEEE. Spanish Conference Electron Devices (CDE) (10th. 2015. Aranjuez/Spain). The work is supported by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, projects RUE (CSD2009-00046), CAVE (TEC2012-38247) and TEC2010-18051, and FPI grant (BES-2011-043798). The authors acknowledge Ms. María del Carmen Sabido and Ms. Alicia Fraile Chamizo for technical assistance.
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